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Young girl was forced to convert to Islam and marry her kidnapper

The 10-year-old Pakistani girl was abducted, raped, focibly converted to Islam and married off to her kidnapper.

Another Christian girl kidnapped and forcibly married in Pakistan

A 15-year-old girl was abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man

The ordeal of young Christian girls being kidnapped continues in Pakistan

The abducted girl's parents have been accused instead of the real perpetrators

A Catholic teenager has been forcibly married to a Muslim man in Pakistan

The young girl has been abducted by her 45-year-old neighbour

Two girls from a religious minority are the latest victims of forced marriages

A Christian girl was raped and a Hindu girl was murdered for refusing marriage with a Muslim man.

Christian teen forcefully married to Muslim neighbour in Pakistan

1,000 Christian and Hindu girls are abducted, forcefully married, and converted to Islam every year in Pakistan.

Girl held captive by Muslim man in Pakistan forced into Islamic marriage

The girl’s family believes the abductor took her to Balochistan to force her to convert to Islam and marry him.

Muslim men force young Christian girls to marry in Pakistan

Usually the Muslim men attack these girls in groups.

Adolescent escapes from forced marriage in the Central African Republic

The girl managed to escape from her family and now lives with her Christian aunt.

Another minor girl is forced to marry her rapist in Pakistan

The Christian girl was working in a medicine factory given that her school was closed down due to COVID-19 restrictions.