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Court ordered the dismantling of a Way of the Cross in a French village

In the small French village of Plorec-sur-Arguenon, an administrative court ordered the dismantling of the Way of the Cross. It has been present there since 1946. The Regional Administrative Court ruled that ts instillation violates the 1905 Secularity Act.


The mayor of the village is embittered, but the court’s decision is definitive. The Côtes-d´Armor department is to dismantle the Way of the Cross installed at the entrance to a village of four hundred inhabitants.

Pierre Allory, president of the Plorec-sur-Arguenon Heritage Association, is “stunned” by the decision of the Regional Administrative Court. Inadvertently, he applied himself to this decision. His association took the initiative to renovate the Way of the Cross in 2017. Nobody objected to the project, so it was reopened in 2018.

However, it didn’t take long before radical local “laymen” complained to the authorities. They complained about the adding of two tiny crosses on both sides of the monument. Now, as a result of the court judgment, the Way of the Cross will have to disappear before the 4th of February 2021. 


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