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UN committee urges schools to withdraw from religious classes in the UK

Children should be able to withdraw from religious classes but not sex education, says UN committee

Religious statue removal to be decided in French court

The statue was only targeted after it was hit by a car and was later rebuilt identically.

The Church in the Netherlands is afraid of total collapse

In 1970, forty per cent of the Dutch still identified as Catholics. In 2015, this number dropped to twenty-three per cent.

Court ordered the dismantling of a Way of the Cross in a French village

The renovation of the Way of the Cross was criticised as "clerical propaganda" by anti-Christian activists.

The decline of birth rates linked to secularisation

Amid the relatively recent collapse in fertility rates around the world, especially in Europe, secularisation is rising.

The cross of Pic Saint-Loup has been cut down in France

A first attempt to cut down this cross dates back to 1989.

French government believes in the developement of "French Islam"

It is far from sure that the idea of ​​forcing Islam into the secular framework of the French Republic is a realistic solution.

Should Christians be politically correct?

As Christians, we are taught to be loving, patient, kind, and humble. Does this translate into also being politically correct?

France: As many practicing Muslims as Catholics among 18-29 year-olds

As Catholicism has diminished in France, other religions like Islam have stepped in to take its place

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Depending on their absurdity, these stories may be ridiculous or sad at the same time