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Abortionists desecrated a cross commemorating the victims of Nazism in Poland

On the cross located at the Cemetery of the Victims of Hitlerism in Gdańsk, the words "Women's Hell", "Kill a Priest" and a slogan calling for violence against the ruling conservative party were painted in white.


Director of the Stutthoff Museum, Piotr Tarnowski, spoke on the matter. “I was sad to hear about yesterday’s profanation of the Cemetery of the Victims of Hitlerism. It is an incomprehensible act for me to destroy the traces of memory of those who fought and died for the freedom of Poland. So if, in the name of the same freedom – views, statements and assemblies – you profane crosses, plaques and monuments, it means that this is a wrongly understood freedom. This is mere hooliganism and vandalism that does not lead to anything good, it does not serve anything,” he wrote in a special statement.

“The moment the last witness is gone, there will be great silence. And only these traces of memory will remain. Traces of enormous suffering that is inscribed in our history.  They should unite us and motivate us to build a better tomorrow for the next generations,” he added.

Therefore, on behalf of the former prisoners of KL Stutthof and myself, I am asking you to refrain from such acts of profanation as those that took place recently. Memory, like freedom, is our common commitment, ” Tarnowski concluded.



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