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Hundreds of Coptic Christian girls have recently been kidnapped in Egypt

Coptic Christian girls in Egypt are being abducted and trafficked at alarming rates according to "Jihad of the Womb," a report that provides an in-depth look at why so many Coptic Christian girls are being abducted, CBN News reports.


According to CBN’s International Correspondent Gary Lane, “Christian girls are often targeted by Muslim men in heavily Islamic countries like Egypt. Many are neighbours who charm impoverished Christian girls with kindness and gifts. Attracted by the good looks and kindness of young Muslim men, the girls are lured away from their families based on empty promises of wealth and successful life. Some are raped and culturally that brings shame to their families. They see conversion to Islam and marriage as their only way out.”

 The report indicates Coptic Christians have been the recipient of what is called “Jihad of the womb,” where Muslims purposely have sex with non-Muslims to control the population and breed out non-Muslims. Since a portion of these sexual encounters are forced, this means religious brainwashing into Islam through coercion.

This method also has a variation where attractive Muslims are used to lure Coptic Christians to areas where they are kidnapped.

A former Islamic kidnapper stated they use “rented apartments in different areas of Egypt to hide kidnapped Coptic girls. There, they put them under pressure and threaten them to convert to Islam. And once they reach the legal age, a specially arranged Islamic representative comes in to make the conversion official, issue a certificate and accordingly they change their ID.”

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