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Another minor girl is forced to marry her rapist in Pakistan

The Christian girl was working in a medicine factory given that her school was closed down due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Nearly three hundred abducted Nigerian schoolgirls released

This abduction is the third mass kidnapping experienced in recent months in northwest Nigeria.

Pakistani Christian teen escaped abductors and returned to her family

A Christian teen who was kidnapped in late September has returned to her family.

Pakistan: Another young Christian girl abducted and forced to marry a Muslim man

Maria's family could do nothing when their daughter was forced to confess in court that she had converted to the Muslim faith.

Hundreds of Coptic Christian girls have recently been kidnapped in Egypt

Coptic Christians are being under continuous pressure in this majority Muslim country.

Pakistan court orders young Christian girl to return to her Muslim kidnapper

“With this ruling, no Christian girl in Pakistan is safe,” a family friend and advocate was quoted as saying.

A Christian girl was kidnapped from a Muslim-majority country in Asia

Maria had been kidnapped and abused by some of her co-workers from the factory where she worked.