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The Catholic and the Coptic Pope’s common remembrance of the Coptic martyrs

First time in the history the Catholic and the Coptic Pope led common audience, they did a common remembrance of the martyrs.

Coptic Christian brothers murdered and their bodies mutilated

The Copts (10% of Egypt’s population) are the descendants of a long line of ancient Egyptians who later converted to Christianity.

17 Coptic Christians go missing in Libya

Numerous Coptic Christians cross over to Libya in search of work despite knowing that they will face severe persecution.

Egyptian Coptic Christians disappear in Libya

A decade of instability and violence has left Libya a country shattered by competing armed groups, terrorists and militias.

Hundreds of Coptic Christian girls have recently been kidnapped in Egypt

Coptic Christians are being under continuous pressure in this majority Muslim country.

A film about Copts murdered by jihadists in Libya to be released in Egypt

The director will be Yussef Nabil, whose life has already been in jeopardy for producing a film about Christian martyrs.

Coptic woman narrowly escapes attack

Christian women in Egypt are often targeted by extremists because they do not necessarily follow the Islamic dress code.