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Australian bishops concerned about the rising number of “assisted suicides”

Australia's bishops express deep concern about the rapid increase in the number of so-called assisted suicides. The data in this case show that only in the last twelve months, and only in the state of Victoria, there were as many “assisted suicides” as in the US state of Oregon in seventeen years.


In the last twelve months in the state of Victoria, 124 people ended their life with the help of doctors. Another 110 people received “judicial consent to commit suicide”.

Over the past year, there has also been a 7 per cent increase in the number of doctors undergoing specialist training in helping with “committing suicide”. Today, as much as 37 per cent of doctors in the state of Victoria are authorised to conduct this type of practice.

The Australian Church is concerned about reports of changes that will allow doctors to freely talk to patients about their suicidal plans.

According to the bishops of Ballarat, Melbourne, these numbers are certainly not an achievement for local health care. In their opinion, it is rather “a sad story of losing hope and neglecting the weakest.”


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