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Nearly 70% of Filipino Catholics pray every day

Filipino respondents reported extremely high rates of prayer, with over 80% attending Mass at least once per month.

Nuns charged with terrorism

The nuns are associated with the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, a Catholic group.

Six students were forced to renounce a biblical studies scholarship in the Philippines

The students renounced the formation but did not give up going to church.

Police interrupted a mass to check if the parishioners were wearing masks

Parishioners recalled the incident as "troubling" and "confronting."

Indonesian Christian beaten up in prison

A Christian man was beaten up by his Muslim co-detainees because of his 'blasphemy'.

Trans-identified male qualifies to compete in women’s weightlifting at Olympics

Trans-identified biological male has qualified to compete in women’s weightlifting later this summer at the Summer Olympics.

Outrageous "artwork" shows the Virgin Mary cradling a penis

A controversial artwork depicting the Virgin Mary cradling a giant penis has sparked outrage in Australia.

Nephews of martyred Papuan pastor allegedly killed by the military

The brothers were the nephews of a sixty-seven-year-old Papuan pastor, brutally murdered by a military man last September.

Catholic seminarian was killed in Papua on Christmas Eve

On the evening of the 24th of December, the lifeless body of Zhage Sil, a Catholic seminarian, was found in Papua.