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Outrageous “artwork” shows the Virgin Mary cradling a penis

A controversial artwork depicting the Virgin Mary cradling a giant penis has sparked outrage in Australia, with religious leaders and politicians calling for it to be taken down.


The painting, titled Holy Family by the artist Juan Davila, 73, is currently being showcased in the museum of Griffith University in Queensland.

The portrait will be on public display until the end of the month, but critics are calling for the vulgar painting to be taken down from its exhibition early. 

The painting is a crude imitation of Michelangelo’s sculpture The Pieta, which features the body of Jesus Christ lying on the lap of the Virgin Mary. 

Another provocative ad campaign featuring Jesus dying on the cross has been released to promote the registration of organ donors in Australia.

Last year mural was painted based on an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The image shows Michael’s hand being raised to smoke a joint in the same way as Jesus’ right hand is often depicted as raised in giving a blessing. The left hand, which, in a traditional Sacred Heart image would point towards Jesus’ heart, is in the mural depicted holding a bottle of poppers (an inhalant drug).

All this is a mockery of the Christian faith and it is inappropriate for any community that cares about creating an inclusive and safe environment. A petition was launched to accept a bill to protect religious freedom. You can sign the petition here.


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