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An Italian bishop’s newspaper published a text defending “abortion compromise”

A Catholic newspaper owned by the Italian bishops of Avvenire has published an article supporting Italian abortion law. In last Friday's edition, the newspaper included the defense of "Law 194" by Angelo Moretti, the director of Caritas for the Diocese of Beneveto. In his opinion, it is possible to reconcile the acceptance of this law with the defense of conceived life.


According to Angelo Moretti, these provisions do not question the inherent dignity of an unborn child, but only take into account the “social phenomenon” of abortion. This, as Moretti argues, would be practised anyway – even if it was illegal.

Act 194 allows abortion on request up to the twelfth week after conception, permitting the subsequent murder of unborn children with disabilities. On the other hand, doctors who oppose the murder of the unborn have the right not to consent to complicity.

Recently, the Italian minister of health has authorised “home abortions” with the use of pills. This led to a debate attended by Angelo Moretti, director of Caritas of the Diocese of Benevento. Although he does not support the new regulations of the minister of health, he has already found the provisions of Act 194 “satisfactory.”



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