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Archbishop of Oklahoma City thanks governor for new abortion ban

Oklahoma’s “all of the above” approach leaves it ideally prepared to protect as many babies from abortion as possible.

Texas bill virtually banning abortion goes into effect

So far, efforts to convince the judicial branch to strike down the law have not had success. 

Abortion laws in most European countries are more pro-life than in the US

The study’s conclusion is that US abortion law is typically more liberal than that of European countries.

British parliament rejects abortion on demand

The numerous e-mails sent to the parlament forced it to step back on this controvertial initiative

Joe Biden vows to "codify" Roe v Wade on 48th anniversary of abortion ruling

Joe Biden has only been in office for a few days and already emphasises the importance of so-called "reproductive health".

Argentine president signed the act legalising abortion

The law in force so far permitted abortion only when the pregnancy was a result of rape or when it put the mother's life at risk.

New York sued over "dangerous ambiguities" in liberal abortion law

The New York legislation on abortion is among the most permissive in the world.

Federal judges block Arkansas abortion laws, pending further decisions

A three-judge panel of the 8th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals sided with a lower district court’s 2019 ruling blocking the measures.

"Abortion will never be legal in Brazil", warns Jair Bolsonaro

The President of Brazil referred to the legalisation of abortion-on-demand in Argentina this week.

Argentina legalises abortion "on demand" until the fourteenth week of pregnancy

Until now, only Uruguay, Cuba, Guyana and parts of Mexico have allowed the partial legalisation of killing the unborn on request.