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Archbishop of Oklahoma City thanks governor for new abortion ban

pregnant woman

‘I encourage Oklahomans to pray for women in crisis pregnancy situations, for their families and loved ones, for families waiting to adopt, for fathers, and for the many pregnancy resource centers serving these brave parents.’


Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City thanked state lawmakers Wednesday for enacting a new law that has effectively halted the abortion industry in the Sooner State, calling on Oklahomans to continue “building a culture of life.”

Signed into law Wednesday by Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt, HB 4327 bans any procedure that “cause[s] the death of an unborn child” except in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother’s life. Like the Texas Heartbeat Act, it would be enforced via civil suits brought by Oklahoma residents, punishable by at least $10,000 per abortion.

The law took effect immediately, with Oklahoma abortion centers confirming they would suspend abortion procedures. The abortion industry’s uncharacteristic compliance with a pro-life law is largely due to the Supreme Court allowing the similar Texas law to take effect, though challenges to it are still working their way through the lower courts.


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