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Historical Santa Veracruz Church in Mexico City caught fire

Church Mexico City

The authorities of Mexico City reported that this Sunday, August 30th, the historical Santa Veracruz Church caught fire.


The fire started early in the morning when one of the towers of the church burst into flames. The firemen arrived in time and brought the blaze under control, but the inner metal structure of the church was seriously damaged.

One of the firemen was almost paralysed by a broken part of the metal structure. The authorities also noted that a man was discovered in the cupola of the church; fortunately, firefighters managed to rescue him. The area surrounding the church is still cordoned off.

The Archdiocese of Mexico City shared on its Twitter account that they had no knowledge of anybody injured or killed because of the blaze.

The Santa Veracruz Church is in the city centre of Mexico City. It was originally built in the sixteenth century. Later, in the eighteenth century, the ancient church was replaced by the actual building, but two pictures from the old church were kept in the new edifice.

Source: Acidigital

Photo credit: Twitter

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