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Christian leaders charged for their opinions about trans ideology in Mexico

Mexican leaders raised concerns about freedom of speech after being charged for referring to a transgender lawmaker as a man

Number of Catholics decreases every year in Mexico

Since 1950, their number decreased with 20 per cent.

A man tried to steal a statue of St. Michael from a Mexican church

The man was later hospitalized while the statue was returned to the church, apparently undamaged by the incident.

Nativity scene contest launched in Mexico

The initiative is a response to the attempt to ban them.

A Mexican church was desecrated by vandals

The Diocese of Saltillo is currently governed pastorally by Bishop Hilario González García.

Statue depicting John Paul II was demolished in Mexico

The local Catholic community is shocked by the event.

Evangelical Mexicans lose access to water for refusing to deny their faith

This is not a one-off incident of Christian persecution in Mexico, which has risen due to drug cartel violence.

A Mexican priest murdered in his church in the state of Morelos

The previous parish priest killed in Mexico had been killed in June 2021. It was Father Father Juan Antonio Orozco Alvarado.

Catholic priest killed in a cartel shooting in Mexico

On the12th of June, a Mexican priest lost his life in a shooting between two cartels. He was serving in the region of Zacatecas