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A Mexican church was desecrated by vandals

The Chapel of Our Lady of Carmen located in the city of Monclova was desecrated and the Eucharist suffered sacrilege at the hands of unknown persons, on July 7.


The Diocese of Saltillo stated that unknown persons entered to desecrate the church “in a clandestine manner, stealing the ciborium that was in the Tabernacle, emptying the consecrated Hosts on the floor of the presbytery.”

“Faced with these elements, the Sacrilege is confirmed, since there was improper manipulation of the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ (consecrated hosts), for which an Act of Reparation was carried out shortly, which consisted of celebrating the Holy Mass with the intention of reparation” , adds the Diocese.

Likewise, he emphasized that “there are no necessary elements to ensure that any cult, rite or ceremony of a nature or belief not belonging to the Catholic Faith was carried out inside the temple. The Christ, the candles and the other religious articles that were found out of place; they were not accommodated in a particular way, so any comment in this regard is invalid”, rejecting the versions that have been disseminated among the local press regarding the performance of some type of satanic ritual.

“We will be awaiting the results of the investigations carried out by the Civil Authorities,” the Diocese concluded.


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