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A half-naked man stormed into a Polish monastery and danced on the altar

The incident took place during a concert by the Cracow Harp Quintet and organist Dariusz Bąkowski-Kois. At the same time, the Egodrop Rave OA techno music festival was being held near the Tyniec monastery. At some point, a half-naked man entered the monastery and stood up on the altar.


Apparently under the influence of hard drugs, he started dancing on the altar while shouting some meaningless slogans. A monk, who appeared immediately tried to intervene, but communication with the man was difficult.

“The man fell into extreme emotional states and did not want to stay in one place. The monk called the police, who, upon arrival, handcuffed him and called an ambulance”, reports Brother Grzegorz Hawryłeczko, spokesman for the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec.

In connection with the incident, Councillor Marek Sobieraj sent a request to President Jacek Majchrowski asking the city to prohibit the organisation of similar events in this place.

“I appeal on behalf of myself, the inhabitants of Tyniec and the Benedictine Fathers and Brothers (…) for a total ban on allowing such events in the Tyniec area. I also ask that appropriate services be assigned to the place of the event to search the area for hazardous substances and materials left behind,” wrote the local government official.


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