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Boko Haram killed ten civilians in the Lake Chad region

On the 31st of July, Boko Haram attacked a village in the troubled Lake Chad region where at least ten civilians were murdered and seven others kidnapped.


An army officer and a local official stated that “At around 3 a.m., Boko Haram fighters attacked the Tenana village killing two women and eight men. They kidnapped seven men, as well as looting and burning the village before withdrawing.”

Yacoub Mahamat Seitchimi, a local prefect, confirmed the attack stating that he sent a sub-prefect and a police chief to the village to sympathise with the bereaved families. “These are the disgruntled local children who prey on their parents,” he said, referring to Boko Haram recruiting from the area.

In March 2020, Chad’s armed forces suffered their biggest single-day loss, when ninety-eight soldiers were murdered in their base at Bohoma, on the banks of Lake Chad.

In response, President Idriss Déby Itno launched an offensive in early April declaring at its end that there was “not a single jihadist left in the Lake Chad region.”

However, sporadic violence has continued, earlier this month Boko Haram attacked an army vehicle and killed eight Chad soldiers.



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