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Sisters of Charity in Cameroon against the poverty and prostitution

In Cameroon, nuns are working to improve the condition of women. 

Eight people were killed by Boko Haram in Cameroon

Cameroon’s military has been deployed to protect civilians on the border. according to AFP.

Week of prayer for Christian unity in Cameroon

The worldwide theme for this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is, Do good; seek justice.

Pope prays for countries in conflict

One of most ancient churches in Myanmar was burned and destroyed.

Let us pray the rosary to give thanks for the release of the Cameroonian priests

The priests kidnapped on the 16th of September were released on the 22th of October.

Gunmen kidnapped several Christians after setting fire to a church in Cameroon

Archbishop Andrew Nkea said the kidnappers had given “no concrete reason” for the attack.

Catholic church burned, religious people kidnapped in Cameroon

In a statement, bishops said that the Catholic church has increasingly been targeted by attackers.

Survived five Boko Haram attacks, she still clings to Jesus

Open Doors visited a Christian woman in a refugee camp where she lives with thousands of people.

Aid workers abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria

In late Fabruary, ISWAP already abducted three aid workers and two guards at a guesthouse in Cameroon.

Fake policemen could have kidnapped a priest in Cameroon

The Catholic priest was abducted by two individuals who presented themselves as police officers.