Half of Germans believe that political correctness limits freedom of speech

Nearly half of Germans believe that political correctness gags freedom of speech in the country. Interestingly, the muzzle is felt not only by right-wingers but also by a significant proportion of left-wing voters, including the radical left.

The renowned INSA-Consulere studio based in Erfurt carried out a public opinion survey in Germany about freedom of speech. It turned out that 45% of German citizens believe that because of the so-called political correctness, one cannot say what one would like to say.

Thirty-two per cent, however, have the opposite opinion; they believe that political correctness does not limit their freedom of speech. Fourteen per cent of respondents had no opinion on the matter.

The most significant differences can be seen between generations. Only 35% of people aged between 18 to 29 complained about political correctness, whereas almost half the respondents in the 40-49 age group, complained about the matter. People aged 60 and over also expressed their disquiet about the topic.

Source: pch24.pl

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