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Lawmakers urge Pentagon to protect Christians in military from ‘anti-religion activists’

Twenty members of Congress have signed a letter urging Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to protect Christian military service members who are under threat from a secular legal organisation that's calling on the military to punish them for sharing their Christian faith.


Led by Reps. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) and Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), along with eighteen other Republican House members, have signed a joint letter asking the Pentagon to protect the religious liberty of service members from the demands of an “anti-religion” group.

“We know that many in our Armed Forces are leaning on their faiths in this unprecedented hour (…) It is our hope that the Department of Defense and the several branches of our military will recognise the needs of our troops, follow federal law in protecting their religious liberties, and ensure that the ongoing pandemic is not exploited by nefarious organisations bent on removing faith from the U.S. military,” the letter reads.

The lawmakers are also calling for the protection of Air Force Lt. Col. David McGraw, who for eight weeks led worship services from the balcony of his military housing unit in Germany.  

Both Kim’s and McGraw’s actions are being condemned by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an organisation that represents service members as it pushes for a strict separation of church and state within the military. 

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