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The pandemic cannot tear us away from Holy Mass, says Polish bishop

The Chairman of the Polish Episcopal Conference Stanisław Gądecki urged the faithful to remember about the importance of Holy Mass in times of pandemic. He noted that the dispensation from the obligation to "go to church on Sundays and holydays" does not mean "release from the requirement to participate in the Eucharist.


Archbishop Gądecki emphasised that the pandemic and accompanying threats cannot tear us away from God and the Mass.

“Dispensation does not mean a holiday from God. It is worth connecting with the celebrations that are broadcast over the internet or television. You can watch and pray, but not as if watching movies or listening to a play, but uniting oneself spiritually with what is happening in the church, ” he explained.  

Archbishop Gądecki also referred to the words of Pope Francis, who regretted that the current epidemic is forcing us to live our Christian lives through the media. This means we can lose intimacy with Christ and the Christian community. Living without the sacraments, without the Church, without people is dangerous; it can become a gnostic relationship, a relationship detached from God’s people.

From the 20th of April, new regulations have been introduced regarding the number of people participating in the Mass in Poland. One person, per every fifteen metres of available space will be able to stay inside the church. This will significantly increase the number of participants in the Mass as only five people could attend in recent weeks.


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