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Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel Stabbed During Holy Mass in Sydney

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel in Sydney, Australia, was stabbed during a Holy Mass

An unknown criminal tried to poison an Italian priest during Mass

The recent increase in attacks on the Catholic Church in Italy is likely to add to its ongoing conflict with the local mafia.

Pre-Christmas programme and Holy Mass in Seoul

North Korean refugees prayed for peace and unification on the Korean Peninsula

Clima activists interrupted a Mass in Italy

The incident reportedly took place just before the homily.

A man disturbed a Holy Mass in Vienna Cathedral

The perpetrator is reportedly a Syrian migrant.

Three aggressive men disrupted a Holy Mass in a Warsaw church

Similar acts have been on the rise in Poland for the last three years.

A Greek Easter service was interrupted by a man shouting in Arabic

The perpetrator only had the time to shout "Everybody listen!" before being taken away.

Explosive device planted in a French church during Mass

Toulouse Archbishop Guy de Kerimel strongly condemned this act targeting the Christians community. 

Florida bishop forbids the celebration of ad orientem masses

LifeSiteNews described the decision as an "authoritarian rule inconsistent with current liturgical laws."

Holy Mass gets back to normality in New-York

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the state is rapidly declining.