Tag: Holy Mass

Man threatens the faithful with death during a Mass in France

The individual was arrested and taken to custody.

Masses without the faithful until the 17th of January in Austria

Churches will remain open for individual prayer throughout the day.

Canadian church sues a province for its ban of drive-in worship

Present public health restrictions in the province of Manitoba allow gatherings of a maximum five people.

French authorities want punishments for Catholics praying in front of churches

The Ministry of the Interior announced that believers who meet in front of churches will be fined.

French Christians protest against the ban on liturgy

In the coming days, such prayer protests will be held in many French cities. 

Irish authorities have restricted access to Holy Mass once again

Irish bishops pointed out that depriving the faithful from attending the Mass could result in even more anxiety in these times.

Catholic Mass taken off the airwaves in Belarus

The Sunday morning Mass was broadcast by the largest nationwide radio channel in the country.

Barcelona cardinal holds Mass in defiance of government order

Even if all the 500 people who’d been invited to the ceremony attended, the basilica would have only been at 23% capacity.

Belgian Christians still deprived of Sunday Mass but... can go to the zoo!

Will Belgian Christians soon have to hide themselves in order to live their faith as their counterparts from the Middle East?

Polish police interrupted the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Jasna Góra

The pilgrims were registered and sent back home by the authorities.