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Muslim convert on ‘miraculous’ ways God is ‘radically transforming’ Iran despite persecution

Dedicating his life to sharing the Gospel with Muslims in Iran was never something Hormoz Shariat, head of Iran Alive Ministries and founder of the largest Muslim convert church in the United States, thought he would do. Also Shariat’s faith was to be tested in a devastating way. At the time, his 16-year-old brother was arrested on a minor political charge and was imprisoned for two years.


Born into a devout Muslim family in Iran, Shariat recalled how, as a teen, he would roam the streets of Tehran, protesting against the U.S. and shouting, “Death to America!”

“I strongly believed, at the time, that Islam was the only way,” he shared with The Christian Post during a sit-down interview. “I’ve since repented of that, and I now confidently say, ‘God bless America.”

After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Shariat moved to the U.S. to earn his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence. Around this time, he experienced a period of “spiritual questioning.”

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