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Christian convert in hiding after receiving life threats from Muslim community

Ahmed Alnour converted to Christianity in late-2018. After he converted, locals in the area started to notice that he was no longer conducted the 5 daily prayers. After realizing this, Alnour reported to Morning Star News that he started receiving threats shortly after this. “I saw them and heard them saying, ‘We will kill you because you left Islam and became infidel,’” Alnour said.


This came as the local community attempted to burn down his home. Neighbors were able to douse the flames and he escaped unharmed, but on April 8 the assailants returned at 1 a.m. as he slept. He awoke to find his house in flames. International Christian Concern reports from Sudan. 

After that, he decided that he had to run and hide. He had to leave behind his wife and seven children. He lost his home, his money and all of his possessions. He has not been able to work or return home because of fear that he will be killed.

Despite these major challenges, Alnour has not lost his faith in Christ.

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