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"Muhammad" remains most given newborn male name in the England and Wales

"Parents want their children not to forget their roots when they live in a foreign country," the national office explained.

Turkey sends message through Trabzon Hagia Sophia

Trabzon’s Hagia Sophia is smaller than its Istanbul namesake, but shares a similar history. It is a conserved Byzantine church.

Armenian Church turned into storage facility

The 190-year-old St. George Armenian Church's owner has been unable to receive alteration permissions from the Culture Ministry

Moroccan Christians repeatedly arrested and harassed

Moroccan Christians worship in secret house churches to avoid state sanctions or harassment from society.

Sudan abolishes apostasy law, vows to protect human rights

After three decades of strict Islamist rule in Sudan, Muslims can leave their religion without fear of execution.

Turkey will cover Hagia Sophia mosaics with lasers during prayers

Istanbul’s ancient Hagia Sophia will be covered by curtains or lasers during times of Muslim prayer, Erdogan's spokesman said

Algerian Christians fear new religious discrimination

Six churches have been forced to close one of which is home to the head of l’Eglise Protestante d’Algerie (EPA).

Construction of 'new places of worship' for Non-Muslims is declared unlawful

Religious minorities, including Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and other non-Muslim faith groups in Pakistan have to face this ban

Villagers burn home, beat wife of former Muslim Sheikh in Eastern Uganda

A former sheikh (Muslim teacher) in eastern Uganda became a Christian - Muslim villagers surrounded his house and set it ablaze

Indonesia’s religious freedom still has room for improvement

In the latest report from USCIRF the Muslim country's poor implementation of religious freedom and belief was highlighted.