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Nigerian priest: ‘I want the world to know of the suffering of our people’

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As Christians in the country face a campaign of escalating violence, one Nigerian priest spoke to CNA about the suffering of the Church, and why he has hope of a final victory.


“I want other Catholics around the world to know of the suffering of our people,” Fr. Joseph Bature of the Diocese of Maidiguri, told CNA Monday in Washington, D.C.

Fr. Bature related the experience of trying to console a widow who had lost her children in violent anti-Christian attacks. “She had asked ‘where are our other brothers and sisters? Do they know what we go through?’” he recounted.

“Our people feel isolated, because this situation sometimes is poorly reported,” he said. “It’s the loneliness, the sense of isolation, and the frustration.”

Yet, he said, Christians in Nigeria have not lost hope.

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