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Family in Uganda disowned for following Christ


International Christian Concern reports that a family of 11 has been disowned by their family for converting to Christianity. The family has lost access to support, right to family lands and homes.


Namuwaya, mother to 9 children, converted to following Christ in March 2019. After converting, she hid her new found faith from her family for a short period. Later the whole family converted, including the 9 children, and Namuwaya’s husband, Waiswa.

in December 2019, one of the children told their dad’s father about their new faith. When the grandfather found out that his son and family had become Christians he became furious. He summoned his son for a trial under the local muslim leaders and clerics. The penalty for apostasy can include even death. Due to this, Waiswa was not willing to go to the trial.

He fled with his family and hid in a local church where they have been ever since. The church leader has started receiving threats though.

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