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Facebook censored a Hungarian Bishop

The Hungarian news site "" published an opinion piece by Catholic Bishop János Székely. The bishop in his article asked the LGBTQ movement not to compel societies to call homosexual unions a "marriage." Understandably, the news site wanted to boost the article's presence on Facebook – but the media giant moderators rejected their initiative.

Bishop Székely wrote an article on the Hungarian news site “” The editor-in-chief of the news site stated, in his Facebook post, that the bishop’s article was “probably the most important piece of writing in the history of the site.” He went on to say that “not surprisingly

we wanted to boost the article so that it would get to as many readers as possible. Facebook [however] intercepted our move; five times they denied our advertising request, raising concerns that became increasingly more and more absurd.”

The article is straight forward, clear but polite, courteous and rational. Bishop Székely explains Christian doctrine about marriage and the family. He respectfully asks

LGBTQ groups to be as tolerant with us —who do not want to be exposed to their ideology as they expect others to be with them. 

The editor in chief of “” then asked their readers to share the article as many times as they could. I would ask the same of our readers: those who want to make a stand for marriage and the family as it was proclaimed in the Bible.

Please share the article on Facebook with as many people as possible. Thank you! 

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