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A pastor's family has been murdered in Nigeria

The Adamawa state governor said the attackers “must be brought to justice” while condemning the attacks.

Christian family expelled from village in India

Devi and her family live in the woods outside of the village with no sustainable source of income.

Pro-life Toyota commercial among top Super Bowl ads

The commercial gives provides the viewer with a dose of encouragement and hope.

Recent poll shows the positive impact of the pandemic on the faith of Americans

In the U.S., only four per cent say the pandemic weakened their faith.

A "March of Normality" was organised in Poland

Mostly young people took part in the march, but there were also families with children.

The number of religious families is declining in the USA

More Americans today, however, identify with no particular religion than at any period in the nation’s history.

Facebook censored a Hungarian Bishop

An article on marriage written by Bishop Székely was deemed "dangerous" by social media giant Facebook