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Islamic Militants Attack Christian Village in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Islamic militants in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) attacked the dominantly Christian village of Kalau in the North Kivu province, killing six Christians.

According to the information of International Christian Concern, over the course of four hours during the night, the villagers fled for their lives from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). The civilians fled to Beni, which is seven miles away in order to seek shelter and safety. In total, an estimated 470 families evacuated their homes following the incident.

The ADF is a group that was designed to overthrow the Ugandan government in the 90’s and replace it with an Islamic regime. The group has been known for associating with other terrorist groups such as al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda. They are responsible for thousands of deaths throughout Uganda and eastern DRC.

Open Doors reports that the ADF attempted to infiltrate the village under the guise of being security agents. Some youth in the village were dubious of the claims and warned the villagers. The militants proceeded to shoot the village leader’s guard dogs and then opened fire on the locals.

The ADF did not discriminate who to shoot, and three women and a child were victims of the attack.

Source: International Christian Concern

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