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An Argentinian girl changed her green pro-abortion scarf to a blue pro-life one


A nineteen year old Argentinian girl, Aneley Torrico got more than 36 thousand likes for her Instagram post, that represents a ‘before and after’ position concerning her standpoint on the question of abortion.

She shared a split photo on the 1st of March on Instagram, that shows her before and after changing her mind. In the first photo she is wearing a green scarf, a symbol in favour of abortion. In the second photo she wears  a blue one, symbolising her pro-life feelings.

She wrote the following in the description of the photo: “You can see, in one of the photos I am for, and in the other against abortion. The scarf is not the only difference between the two photos, but my smile, and how I felt before and after.”

She has written in her post that she felt happy fighting for abortion- a women’s right, but she also felt empty inside. She thought herself to be the worst person in the world and felt lonely and insecure.

When she was participating in the marches, she felt really dedicated and proud of herself, but when she went home and stayed alone, the feeling of emptiness returned.

She was crying and trying to convince herself that everything  was going to change. She told herself, one day she would wake up, and feel beautiful, intelligent and important.

One day she did wake  up with a strange feeling. She arose and felt beautiful, inside and out and  really happy. And it was, she narrates, the result of God’s work.

Since that day she understands how important her life is. And how important is the life of every single person, even if they are still not born.

At the end of the post, the girl wrote that her aim was to make people believe in themselves, especially  those, who feel useless and lonely. She wants them to discover the enormous love of God, and realise that they are important in his eyes, that every single person’s life is important to Him. Even those who still have not been born.

Source, photo: Aciprensa

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