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Christian leaders intimidated in Cuba

According to a recent report published by Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Christian Churches are still the target of religious persecution in Cuba

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), in a statement released a week ago,  claims that Christian leaders in Cuba are continuously monitored and harassed ever since the government escalated its policy of religious persecution.  

Both Protestant and Catholic institutions asked to be spared from religious persecution by the government. Regrettably, their request caused even greater supervision of their churches and their leaders.

According to the organisation, their religious leaders complained about increasing pressure being brought to bear on them by government agencies. They noted that last year, many leaders had to flee the country for safety reasons.

CSW added that several leaders of both the Catholic and Protestant Churches had been visited and threatened by government agents and officials of the Cuban Communist Party. During the visits, the leaders were intimidated and warned that the government was always watching them. Some were told that their family members would be discriminated against in public institutions and could also lose their jobs if they continued with their religious activities.

CSW asked the leaders of the UNO and the government of the USA to deal with this problem. They want the voices of those who are oppressed because of their religious beliefs to be heard in the world.

Source: Ministério Engel

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