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Legal crackdown against Christians in Cuba accelerates

Cuba returns to ‘hardline tactics’ as over 600 religious freedom violations scored in 2023

Persecution of Christians increases in Cuba

Cuba's communist regime does not tolerate any opposition from Christians

The numerous faces of Christian persecution across the world

Persecution goes from disriminatiion in the public sphere to physical violence.

Number of political prisoners in Cuba increased five-fold last year

During protests, many religious leaders were targeted, arrested and beaten by the authorities.

The house of a priest who criticised the Cuban government was attacked

The house of a priest in the province Camagüey, in Colombia, was attacked by vandals after he criticised the governing regime.

Christian group demands Cuba release pastor jailed for protesting regime

In 2012, the government confiscated the pastor’s church property.

Polish volleyball representative at Tokyo 2020 talks about his faith in God

One of the pillars of the Polish Tokyo Olympics volleyball team speaks about his Christian faith.

Police released seminarian after protests in Cuba

Rafael Cruz Dévora, a seminarian, arrested on Monday after participating in protests of Cuba’s communist government, was released.

Pastor spends two weeks in jail after false accusation of personal enrichment

It is common for pastors in Cuba to work alongside their pastoral charge, as the income of parishioners is insufficient.

Church Building in Cuba Demolished, Re-Openings Blocked

Government harasses those opposed to social policies, Christian leaders say.