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house of priest who criticised the Cuban government was attacked

The house of a priest in the Camagüey Province in Colombia was attacked by vandals after he criticised the governing regime in the country.

In a Facebook post, Fr. Rolando Montes de Oca shares photos of his house after it was attacked by vandals, who threw eggs on the exterior wall of the building and graffitied offensive words referring to the priest.

According to Oca, it was an “aggressive attack with symbolic violence”, because he expressed his disapproval concerning the present system in the country. He also writes in his post that he will not be afraid, and responds to this act of hatred with love. 

“Dear aggressors, I am not afraid and I do not hate you. I believe in the God of love and I pray for a Cuba where no one is insulted or attacked for thinking differently. You too. If you need enemies to declare war, look for someone else”, writes the priest.

Moreover, Oca prayed to God to forgive his attackers.

“I have already forgiven them and now I invite them to be parts of this new Cuba, the Cuba of everyone because egg-throwing and insults are unworthy and derogatory to our noble people”, he finishes his Facebook post.

Source: Facebook/ Rolando Montes de Oca 

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