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Ortodoxy has become the second biggest religion in Austria

Orthodoxy has become the second biggest religion in majority-Catholic Austria. While intense debate is underway in Austria on the growing Muslim population, Orthodoxy has quietly and discreetly grown into the second largest religious community in the country.


Islam has held the first place in terms of migrants to Austria in recent years. According to 2017 statistics, 700,000 Muslims live in Austria, but the number of Orthodox Christians has edged them out. The latest official figures date back to 2014, when 500,000 Orthodox Christians were counted in Austria.

However, according to the secretariat of the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Austria, there is a community of 750,000-800,000 Orthodox Christians in the republic.

According to the Pro Oriente Foundation, the largest group of Orthodox immigrants in recent years has been Romanians, representing 50% of the Orthodox influx, though they are not perceived as classical migrants, as they are moving within the European Union. also previously reported that Orthodoxy has become the second biggest religion in Monaco, overtaking Protestantism, which was the second largest according to Monacos’ 2012 International Religious Freedom Report.


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