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Rami Malek is referred to as Arabian by the international press

There is a small problem here - he is Copt, not Arabian

Hollywood Gives Pro-Life Movie “Unplanned” an R Rating

15-year-old girls can have an abortion without parental consent but cannot watch this movie

Christian witches ahead of first annual convention

"Jesus was a 'sorcerer, Bible a book of magic" say Christian witches gathering for their first annual convention

Live ultrasound of third-trimester baby to be broadcast in Times Square

Pro-life group plans May 4 rally in New York City.

Pastor Brunson has been granted Hungarian citizenship

The Presbyterian priest praises Hungary's Christian aid policies

BREAKING NEWS - "Second Coming" cancelled

Thanks to the S4C - CitizenGo Campaign

Petition to stop release of „Second Coming” reaches 200 thousand supporters

Petition initiated by S4C shooting for 500 thousand signatures