Kermit Gosnell’s horror abortions could be legal in today’s New York

Most people of goodwill seem to agree that Gosnell belongs behind bars. Yet, laws are being debated in state legislatures around the country and in Congress that would protect a future Gosnell from being prosecuted.

If his trial had taken place in New York in 2019, for example, rather than in Pennsylvania in 2013, the outcome would have been different. According to the Washington Examiner, the abortion lobby is successfully legalizing many of the horrors Gosnell perpetrated against innocent babies.

Gosnell was convicted in Pennsylvania on three counts of murder for killing infants born alive during an abortion. Yet, these convictions would be unlikely under New York’s newly minted abortion law.

New York’s law is called the “Reproductive Health Act,” but it might just as well be called the “Gosnell Acquittal Act.”

The new law specifically repeals Section 4164 of its public health law requiring protection of a baby accidentally born alive in an abortion procedure. Gosnell would be off the hook for murdering babies.

The movie accurately depicts the trial testimony of a late-term specialist who admits on the stand that if a baby is born alive, standard practice is to make the baby comfortable and to let it die (although she says this has never happened in her practice). Her testimony sounds shockingly similar to the infamous comments made by Gov. Ralph Northam, D-Va., when his state was debating a similar Gosnell acquittal bill: Keep the baby comfortable while deciding whether to let it die. Moreover, congressional Democrats continue to oppose the federal Born Alive Abortion Survivors bill that would require abortion survivors, born and outside the womb, to be protected and given medical care.

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