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Christian preacher to file lawsuit against police after claims of "hate speech"

Christian street preachers have to protect themselves against acts of violence in the UK.

London street preacher wins legal challenge

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre Sutcliffe expressed his joy to have been vindicated by the court.

Blackpool Transport has to pay reparations for discrimination of Christians

In addition, the council offered to publicly apologise to the association for the harm caused.

Christian school worker fired for Facebook post allowed to appeal

In an interview, Mrs Higgs explained the school stated her posts could “bring" the school into disrepute” before firing her.

Catholic priest attacked with glass bottles at a cathedral in Scotland

A Catholic priest escaped without injury after he was attacked by a man with a glass bottle as he prayed at a church in Scotland.

US street preacher arrested in London

He stressed that in the UK, “you cannot speak against homosexuality or transgenderism and you can’t speak against Islam.”

Christian CEO fired over views on marriage wins religious discrimination case

Discrimination of Christians in their workplace remains a widespread issue in the UK.

Ex-Muslim woman stabbed in London while preaching the Gospel

The evangelist reportedly said she is heartbroken over the weekend’s events and is still healing from a slash wound on her head. 

Catholic teaching challenges award for Prince Harry, and wife’s two-child limit

An environmental charity recently awarded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for limiting their family to two children.

Street preacher takes up legal action against police after arrest and fine

During the Covid pandemic, 85,000 Covid fines were issued which are being reviewed.