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Man charged with murdering a young Christian in England

Witnesses say the victim was handing out leaflets for his church at the time of the attack.

UK High Court upholds law allowing Down syndrome abortions after 24 weeks

Human rights don't seem to apply to everyone equally after all.

London street preacher alleges police confronted him for "homophobic language"

There have been many other reported cases of Christian preachers being confronted in England.

Wales "LGBTQ+ Action Plan" may put pastors at risk of prosecution

Earlier this summer, an American pastor was arrested in London while preaching that “homosexuality is a sin.”

New law threatens pastor’s religious freedom in Wales

The government admits that the draft plan to ban conversion therapy practices "may restrict religious freedoms"

British doctor appeals court decision concerning his religious beliefs

Chrisitan Legal Centre fears for what that ruling means for Christians in modern society

Street preacher arrested for alleged hate speech in the UK

No free speech organisation could justify the arrest. Neither could high profiling organisations like Amnesty International.

Female street preacher wins legal challenge in the UK

Street preachers are currently easy targets for the police and too many of them are unlawfully being fined.

Hillsong Church defamed by BBC documentary

Most of the footage that demonstrated the positive impacts of our church were erased from the final cut of the documentary. 

Four-year-old children in Scotland are allowed to change gender at school

The Scottish Government guidelines say that "recognition and development of gender identity can occur at a young age".