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Oxford University condemned the removal pro-life stand at students fair

Oxford Feminist Society considers the pro-life organisation as a  "threat to the safety, health, and autonomy of women"

British stutents receive threats for their pro-life initiatives

Devon and Cornwall police, as well as university authorities, have been informed of the threats. 

Dating app flaunts 'pro-choice' badge and also supports Planned Parenthood

Users can support Planned Parenthood with $1 by adding the 'pro-choice badge.'

Google censores pro-life contents

Live Action, a pro-life activist group, says that they are being censored by Google.

Mrs Universe 2021 was nearly aborted

American Mrs Universe is a pro-life advocate.

Activists climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to share message pro-life message

As dangerous as the climb may have been, “the most dangerous place on the planet is a mother’s womb,” Castle told LifeSiteNews.

Video revealing the miracle of life inside the womb

This is the most realistic and medically accurate animated representation of a child developing in her mother’s womb ever made.

Activists unveil "Pro-Life Flag" uniting global movement against abortion

The Pro-Life Flag Project unveiled the flag on its Twitter page Saturday.

Nick Vujicic co-founds pro-life bank to combat abortion crisis

Nick Vujicic said he believes Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

New Hampshire enacts late-term abortion ban

Pro-abortion Republican Gov. Chris Sununu signed a budget bill on Friday that bans abortion after twenty-four weeks.