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Catholics pray that Toronto Marian Shrine is saved from destruction

The Marian Shrine of Gratitude is under threat of being closed down by Toronto officials

Christians have been prevented from worshipping in Burkina Faso

Once a harmonious nation, Burkina Faso has come under the shadow of radical Islamists since 2015.

Chapel damaged by treasure hunters in Turkey

The authorities restrict access to historic churches for the remaining Christian community to use as a place of worship.

First service in new sanctuary eighteen months after massacre in Texas

In March of last year, it was announced that a new worship space near the location of the mass shooting would be constructed.

American bishops call for better protection of places of worship

This initiative is a reaction to the series of attacks on churches as part of so-called anti-racist protests throughout the US.

Muslims and Christians join to rebuild places of worship demolished by ISIS

The UAE funded UNESCO programme will make it possible to restore the historic places of worship in Mosul.