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Fifty-two per cent of Americans volunteered for the first time during a pandemic

Sixty-five per cent of Americans said the pandemic has provided them with a “wake-up call” to reach out to their communities.

Irish bishop even stricter than authorities regarding Holy Mass restrictions

Bishop Farrell commanded priests to baptise "only in exceptional circumstances, or in danger of death."

Spanish Church criticises new restrictions on participation in services

Many believe that the pandemic is being used as a pretext to limit the religious freedom of Spanich Christians.

Slight increase in human trafficking and slavery during pandemic as Catholic NGO

People living in poverty have become more vulnerable to slavery and human trafficking as a side effect of Covid-19 restrictions.

Ivory Coast: After the epidemic, we must think of "re-evangelization"

"Some have said that they have lost faith in God" during the pandemic.

Church of England fears lockdown looting

The Church of England has moved valuables to the Tower of London amid fears of coronavirus lockdown looting.