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Irish bishop even stricter than authorities regarding Holy Mass restrictions

The new archbishop of Dublin, Dermot Farrell, decided to issue even stricter sanitary guidelines to priests and the faithful in connection with the pandemic than those introduced by the Irish authorities. He went as far as to forbade priests in his diocese from giving private communion, except as part of a funeral or a wedding.


In a statement released on the 4th of March, Bishop Farrell added restrictions of his own to the government’s ban on worship. “In the interests of health and safety, priests should not succumb to requests to distribute Holy Communion before or after Mass, in and outside churches,” reads the document.

“Departure masses are not allowed as no gathering of people outside or inside is allowed. Holy Communion can be distributed in the church but only to mourners participating in the funeral Mass, celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony and to ministers who allow the celebration of Holy Mass online, ” wrote Archbishop Farrell.

Any arrangements for First Communion or Confirmation must wait until the Irish Government has decreed the dioceses that it is “safe” to organise such events.

Some Catholic media criticised his decree, and Catholic Arena described him as “a depressing and demoralising statement to his shrinking flock.”


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