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Church of England fears lockdown looting

The United Kingdom is facing more and more challenges as the death toll of the coronavirus pandemic reaches over eleven thousand and Brexit seems uncertain.


Four hundred churches  across London have transported valuables to the Tower of London amid fears of looting during the lockdown, The Telegraph reported.

The move came as this month hosts some of the most important religious festivals for Jews, Christians and Muslims, with Passover, Easter and Ramadan. 

Items, known as “church plate”, were gathered and transported securely to the Tower over the past few weeks. They include “rare and unusual” silver, paintings, art and artefacts from across London’s 400 churches.

According to V4NA, a Tower of London spokesperson said they were happy to help the churches and will ensure the safety of items for the duration of the lockdown. However, it is not looting that should be feared the most, but people should be aware of the risk of online fraud, the government warned in an announcement on Saturday. Latest figures reveal a 21 per cent drop in crime, but fraudsters adapt to the lockdown and are making millions of pounds by deceiving people online. 

Statistics also show that there has been a 120 per cent rise in domestic violence and the government is slated to develop a support scheme for domestic abuse victims, V4NA concluded.

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