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Patriarch Sako: Iraqi people have limited protection against the virus

The spiralling effect of the coronavirus has severe consequences in Iraq.

Iraqi Christians and Muslims join in prayer for an end to the pandemic

"In this difficult moment we need human solidarity and concentrated efforts to eliminate the common enemy."

Patriarch Sako: May the Lord protect Iraq and the world

"Everyone must analyse their own behavior. Self-criticism should be everyone’s “duty,” Patriarch Sako said.

Patriarch Sako: the "solution" to the "Iraqi crisis" is a "secular state"

Card Sako calls for preserving the "unity" of the country in the "diversity of its components".

Chaldean patriarch: Do not turn Iraq into a war zone!

Cardinal Sako issued a strong a statement and called for peace.

Chaldean patriarch: the time has come for Iraq to have a Christian party

Emigration abroad and marginalisation at home are the first challenges to face.