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Patriarch Sako: Iraqi people have limited protection against the virus

Aid to the Church in Need – The leader of Iraq's largest Christian community has issued an urgent plea for people to stay at home amid growing fears that the country cannot cope with a spiralling number of COVID-19 cases.


Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Cardinal Louis Raphael I Sako said the country’s medical services are already in crisis, with coronavirus cases topping five thousand in late May, according to Iraq’s federal authorities, Aid to the Church in Need reported.

“There are many problems—no money, not enough hospitals, doctors or equipment—and the lockdown goes against the culture here, especially for the men. The people must stay at home. This is the only way to stay safe. The government is telling people what to do but people are not listening”, he told ACN in an interview.

Patriarch Sako also said the Church was distributing emergency aid, for Christians and Muslims alike, through the parishes.

To help countries with a particular need, ACN announced a COVID-19 response package in April to cope with coronavirus challenges. 

Iraqi Christians and Muslims join in prayer for an end to the pandemic

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