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A seminarian was killed in his church in Nigeria

Violence and repressive measures targeting Christians have increased in recent years across Nigeria.

Christians farmers attacked once again in Nigeria's Kaduna State

ICC urges the US to sanction Kaduna's Governor El-Rufai and his family for his his persecution of Christians.

Nigerian pastor killed in captivity despite paying ransom

Nigeria is the largest killing ground of Christians today, but few are aware of it.

African pastor threatened for helping Christians flee from Fulani militants

According to International Christian Concern, The Fulani Militia is the fourth deadliest terror group worldwide.

Three students confirmed dead in school kidnapping in Nigeria

2021 has already seen several large-scale kidnappings which were originally thought to have been carried out by loosely organised.

Fulani herdsmen kill seven Christians in Nigerian Kaduna State

Not only were these seven killed, but it is believed that two children were kidnapped and four other people were injured.

Islamist extremists kidnapped students and set a church on fire in Nigeria

During the school attack, four students and a teacher were kidnapped.

Fulani herdsmen kill eleven Christians in Nigerian Kaduna State

50,000 Christians have been displaced from 109 villages now occupied by armed Fulani herdsmen in southern Kaduna state.

President Buhari blames victims of recent attack in Kaduna

With the president’s statement, people are going to be less likely to trust the government and that it is trying to protect them.