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Report of the situation of Christians in Syria during the ISIS occupation

CSW made a report in which they wrote about atrocities and provide some shocking data about the situation of Christians in Syria.

The U.S. continues its efforts to tacke Islamic State in Africa

It is vital that the international community push back as IS fights to spread its radically harmful ideology across Africa.

Capital executions of jihadists after terror attack in Baghdad

Of the prisoners sentenced to death in Iraq, most are IS fighters, but there are also common criminals among them.

Jihadists continue to terrorise Mozambique

Christians fear for their life in the country which is being taken over by radical Islamists.

Muslims restore a Catholic church in Mosul, but the Christians have not returned

Young Muslim volunteers helped the cleaning and restoration work of the Syrian Catholic Church of Mar Toma.

Over sixty people remain missing for weeks in Mozambique after Jihadist attack

Recent official reports estimate that over one thousand people have been killed in attacks in northern Mozambique since 2017.

Twenty Nigerian soldiers have been killed by Islamic State in West Africa

This attack comes after the latest claims by the Nigerian government that Boko Haram has been reduced in capability.

Christians remain at risk of 'eradication' in post-ISIS Iraq

About 87% of Christians surveyed in the study said they feel “unsafe" in this Middle Eastern region.

A film about Copts murdered by jihadists in Libya to be released in Egypt

The director will be Yussef Nabil, whose life has already been in jeopardy for producing a film about Christian martyrs.

‘Life after ISIS’: Christians are leaving Iraq due to ongoing security concerns

The report documents how Iraqi Christians’ worries over Iran-backed militias operating in their region drive emigration